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By Alexito


A little glossary:

PDB: File extension used for standard PalmOS files. [Palm Data Base].

CNV: File extension used for Microsoft Word Converters.

PDBCNV is the only real 100% integrated filter designed to open and save Palm OS document files (pdb) directly from Microsoft Word.

Drag n' drop a pdb to Word and see the simplest and powerful filter you can use.

Save as pdb? Why not, this is not a "looks like" neither a plug-in that change the way that Word works, the interface you have is the standard Word interface.

With PDBCNV you don't add buttons to word, you don't have another toolbar, there is no Visual Basic issues, you don't have risky macros running, ...

Just add Palm Compatibility to Office.



Register PDBCNV at RegSoft.com (or non secure RS.com)


Download and install pdbcnv.exe, and use word the way you want.